Nourishing yourself in the Winter Months


Winter is related to the water element and the organs involved in this element are the kidneys and bladder both which are sensitive to cold. Since the kidneys tend be holding the key to good health, you really cannot be too good to your kidneys. The season is connected to fear, will power, reproduction functions, elimination of fluids, our bones & brain and is the foundation for the rest of our systems.

In the winter we want to avoid stagnation of water and therefore staying away from excess salt is a good idea. Some times the american diet is lacking in adding more bitters to our diet. Bundle up & protect your body from invasions of cold. Be sure to cover your ankles and necks with socks & scarves. Avoid foods that put a strain in the kidneys & livers such as chocolate, refined products, white flour, table salt, sugar, caffeine and do not eat protein in excess. Avoid deep fried, frozen foods, cold foods. Do not overeat. Follow the Hari Hachi Bu rule of only eating until you are 80% full. Winter is the time to rest and in our society this becomes a harder & harder task. Go to bed earlier and sleep in later if you can. Remember to Nourish your body, mind and spirit by following your heart. Keep moving and do a daily excercise during the kapha time of the day which is around 10 am. Go outside and watch the stars at night and remind yourself of your inner cosmic nature. Try doing the Kriya for the kidneys followed by the Immune Boosting Meditation. Connect with your spiritual center daily.

Foods to support you in the winter…

Soups & stews are a great way to warm the body in winter. Warming foods include fennel, leeks, pine nuts, rosemary, sweet potatoes, chicken, mussels, anchovies.

Herbs for winter include cinnamon, cloves, black pepper, ginger, fennel, anise, horseradish, coriander, dandelion.

Avoid getting sick this winter by building your immune system with Rose + Grace Botanicals Immunity Syrup, Digestive Bitters, Immunity Vinegar for salads and shrub drinks. Hibiscus Pomegranate Fire Cider. Dry brush skin in the direction of your heart before going in the shower or bath. Take warm baths with the detoxing bath salt blend. Use a warm heart opening body oil after for your specific dosha. If you are having trouble sleeping try drinking the Rose + Grace Botanicals “relax” tea blend or use a passionflower tincture.

Here is a Kundalini Yoga & mediation set for winter . . .

Kriya set for kidneys

Immune System Booster Meditation: The Inner Sun

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