Death taught me about myself and this humanness.

Death taught me about spirit and confirmed soul.

When I was 18, my dad died and then my mother died three years later. We had a open casket at his funeral and I remember being stunned at how obvious it is when spirit leaves bodies. I witnessed my mothers death and as my mother slowly ascended I believe my whole essence was bargaining to source. My connection to source & spirit were communicating in a very infinite way. I was a shaman back then already at 21. When my mother came home from hospice & basically ate her last meals with us, I knew she was dying and she decided that to be true. I called my brother back to the house from Florida, he arrived long enough to watch her at night so I could sleep although I never turned off the intercom. This was some serious shit. The power went out and our neighbor had to come and let us borrow the fire dept generator for my mothers oxygen.At a certain point I decided I needed to call the family to say good bye to my Mom. The house was filled with people. Some people just had a feeling and just knew to come over. You can just feel it. I remember one minute asking God to save my mother and the next minute asking him to go ahead and relieve her from all the pain. We took turns crying all day as everyone got to say good bye to her. At a certain point one of my mothers hospice nurse’s told me her nails were turning blue but she is still breathing. I kicked everyone out of the room and my siblings and I cried, we were all about to be orphans ages 11-26 … Seven children. All of sudden we started telling stories about her and we started laughing and we looked over and we ran to her as she took her last breath. We all dealt with it differently. I did the dishes. My brother stayed by her until they took her body out.

Looking back on that, I knew exactly what to do but my sadness and grief for the next decade after was forgetting any understanding of this. I needed my mother. I also learned that impermance is serious and we do not know how long we will be here. I went from the question of Who am I ? To quickly the bigger question… What do I want to do while I am here NOW?

What I’ve recently come to remember is that soul’s are deathless. In my heart I believe in Source and we go back to source. We are deathless. We are infinite. While we are here though let’s make it meaningful.

When someone you know is dying or has died. Honor that being by chanting the mantra AKAAL it means deathless. If your a homesteader and raise animals , you can do this while they are being slaughtered or are dying. You can do this if your pet is dying too.

Close your eyes and imagine their spirit ascending safely into the Light. Thank them. Do it all day. Light a very large candle continuesly burn it to the end in honor of their lives and in prayer of their safe passages.

Creating a alter is very comforting. Ritual is what you can do to express your grief. Ritual will move you through things. You put out whatever you want in the Alter, be creative.

If you want to support a friend in deep grief sit with them and tell stories of their dead beings life. Feel free to cry with them or make them tea. Honor wherever they are at, witness them.

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