Nourishing yourself in the Winter Months


Winter is related to the water element and the organs involved in this element are the kidneys and bladder both which are sensitive to cold. Since the kidneys tend be holding the key to good health, you really cannot be too good to your kidneys. The season is connected to fear, will power, reproduction functions, elimination of fluids, our bones & brain and is the foundation for the rest of our systems.

In the winter we want to avoid stagnation of water and therefore staying away from excess salt is a good idea. Some times the american diet is lacking in adding more bitters to our diet. Bundle up & protect your body from invasions of cold. Be sure to cover your ankles and necks with soc...

5 ways to protect your mitochondria



Mitochondria is the powerhouse of your cells. Think of our bodies as cars for a second. A car engine needs to be protected from heat buildup. That’s why cars have engine cooling systems such as radiators. Our body’s (mitochondrial) engines produce free radicals at the rate of 100 quintillion free radicals per second (200,000 superoxide anion radicals per mitochondria per second).. These free radicals are like heat in a car engine. They must be quenched or they will destroy the mitochondria and continue on to damage other parts of the cell as well.

When the mitochondria sense a buildup of free radicals they will switch over to low energy mode. In this mode no more fr...