Most of these steps can also get you out of being sick but it’s better to avoid getting sick then have to heal from being sick, so try your best to incorporate these steps now!

1. Wash your hands: I know this one is kind of common sense but it makes the difference. This is why toddlers get sick & get others sick so much, they don’t wash their hands and they touch everything. So wash your hands & make sure your children wash their hands! Since its getting to be winter soon, remember to use hand lotion or coconut oil after!

2. Vitamin c : If you take the Vit C before you get sick rather than when you do get sick your body might have a chance of fighting off the germs. Rose hips has LOTS of vitamin c and blends well as a tea throughout the day with hibiscus, which also packs a vitamin C punch. We also use those Vitamin C powder mixes you can put in your water but herbs always rule in our home. Strawberries are a great way to get vitamin c too!

3. Zinc :I take the supplement. They do have those losenges but I’m not a fan of the sugar. Beef is a good source of zinc. Oysters are also a source of zinc.

4. Avoid any food allergies. Now is not the time to eat dairy or gluten if you already know it will cause inflammation in your body. Since Autumn is lung, large intestine & skin time let’s not irritate those parts of our body, let’s nurture them.

5.Diffuse Antibacterial essential oils through out the house. We use Doterra’s On guard during flu season but you can also use festive & seasonal oils such as cinnamon or sage. You can get yourself a Doterra Wholesale Account by following these directions.

6. Keep your body moving! Oxygen is our bodies best friend. Make sure to do yoga, take walks or go for a hike. We do all of these things, all of the time.

7. Apple cider Vinegar Shots. Apple cider vinegar is one of my favorite remedies for so many things. To make a apple cider vinegar shot use 1part ACV to 3parts water in a shot glass.

8. Nourish your body. Nourish your body with yummy soups that are packed with nutrients. We eat chicken soup ALOT around here. If that intestinal lining is smooth & strong your body will be able to eliminate any bad bugs pretty fast. Chicken soup makes this happen. If your a vegetarian Kitchari is the perfect meal, make it with lots of herbs.

9. Dress for the weather. Autumn is the time of year that one minute its warm and the next minute its freezing. Dress in layers, where scarfs to protect the cold from entering your body. Wear socks. Keep yourself cozy,it really makes a difference.

10. Elderberry honey syrup: you can make this but simply adding elderberries to your honey, this takes one month. If you don’t have much time, drink elderberry tea and spoonfuls of raw honey.

11. Garlic: Nope, it’s not the smell of garlic that scares away the bacteria and viruses that make you feel sick, it’s allicin, the major active component found in garlic, that’s responsible for its antimicrobial and antibacterial properties. Research studies have shown that people taking garlic supplements experienced fewer and less severe colds compared to those taking a placebo. “Garlic also helps promote healthy gut flora, which rids the body of toxins, bacteria and viruses,” says Mirchandani. While you could pop a pill, Rumsey says it’s best to eat the actual thing. “The active components are more bioavailable when you eat real garlic.” Try whipping up Pesto next time you feel the sniffles coming on.

12. Ginger: make apple ginger tea with honey.If you come down with a cold or flu, ginger is helpful for the reduction of nausea. (Remember Mom pouring you a glass of ginger ale on sick days?) Traditional Chinese medicine uses ginger for cold and flu relief, and Ayurvedic medicine prescribes ginger in any form – from fresh to powdered – for relief with respiratory issues, such as coughs, bronchitis and asthma. (Western medicine has more recently found a link between ginger and asthma relief as well.)

13. Probiotics: If you don’t have dairy issues, yogurt Is great probiotic. The digestive tract is one of your biggest immune organs, so keep disease-causing germs out with probiotics and prebiotics, found in naturally fermented foods like yogurt. One serving a day labeled with “live and active cultures” will enhance immune function according to a study from the University of Vienna in Austria. Add blueberries and you have antioxidants! Fermented vegetables like sauerkraut and kimchi are also packed with beneficial bacteria.

14. Avoid stressing yourself out. Stress can significantly lower the immune system. Keep a study hakuna matada ( no worries) attitude and don’t let the holidays get you down.

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