Everything is a reflection of me. All I see is mirrors. When you take responsibility, there is no turning back.
There was a doctor that once cured a whole floor of the “incurable” in a Hawaii mental hospital. How did he do this? Ho’oponopono. It means ” I love you, I’m sorry”. Dr. Len never even met the patients, he read there files and he meditated on the hurt inside himself that might cause the hurt in these patients. And he repeated “I love you, I’m sorry”. The idea is we all are connected and make up a whole ” one”.
The last few days my husband has annoyed me. He worries about everything and can stress himself out at the drop of a dime. I’m spiritual and he is not. Getting into judgment & blame is pretty easy. No one is perfect and when your married flaws can be magnefied. But as a spiritual person I remind myself, he is a reflection of me. How about some compassion for your soul mate? And I find it because the truth is my husband is a mirror of my worries, my behavior, my compassion and my ability to love. It’s no different with my children. When I’m stressed, so are they. When I don’t give them attention, they don’t pay attention to me. When my balance is off, so is theirs. If my kids are acting buck wild, I bet I wasn’t facilitating for them what they are not ready to facilitate for themselves – balance.
But how the hell can I be present with everybody all at once? What about when I’m tired of being perfect and I just want out of this damn house of mirrors!”. When I get to this point it’s because I forgot something… Compassion for me. Somewhere in my commitment to being the best reflection I can be, I forgot to say ” I love you, I’m sorry” to me. I tell my children all the time, I don’t expect perfection, just do your best, but when it comes to love… I love so much that I find myself critisizing my love not being good enough. I found a new way to stop these moments, catch yourself and just say ” I love you, I’m sorry”.
The mirrors stretch farther than your partner and family though. Your community is a mirror. Your state, your country and your world are all mirrors. There is a lot hurting in this world, but there is also a lot of love and healing going on. If you just keep up being your best, perhaps so will your surroundings, just remember to love yourself for doing your best and keep going!
What if you wrote love notes to yourself and stick them everywhere? Why not try it? What do you have to lose? Maybe you will find them at just the right time, in just the right place.
Taking responsibility is good, your presence in this planet matters. What you do matters. Just remember to look inside and take responsibility for the love you are generating for yourself as well.
Sat nam

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