When I found out that there has been a correlation between root canals and cancer, I had to do more research. My mother who died of cancer, had many many root canals.

When a person in the United States has a toothache, due to an infection in the tooth, rather than cure the infection with 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide, dentists almost always kill the tooth. They will typically drill out the insides of the tooth and fill the tooth with metal rods.

This is called a “root canal.” Root canals are a safe haven for microbes. Because no blood reaches the inside of the tooth, the immune system cannot kill any microbes inside the dead tooth.
Microbes do not originate in the root canals, rather they originate elsewhere in the body (such as were cancer cells form). The microbes thrive and some of them hide from the immune system inside the root canals.
These microbes, and other toxins from inside the tooth, periodically come out of the tooth and cause reinfections. It is impossible to cure more than 200 diseases unless all of the root canal teeth are removed properly because even if you killed the microbes of the disease, microbes hiding in the root canals can come out and reinfect the person!!
All of these things have been known about for decades by the American Dental Association. If they know this, I don’t understand why they proceed though.
Root canals are a major cause of the immune system being suppressed and they are a major cause of cancer:
“Dr. Thomas Rau, who runs the Paracelsus Clinic (cancer clinic since 1958) in Switzerland recently checked the records of the last 150 breast cancer patients treated in his clinic. He found that 147 of them (98%) had one or more root canal teeth on the same meridian as the original breast cancer tumor. His clinic has a biological dentist section where all cancer patients, on reporting in, have their mouth cleaned up first — especially all root canal teeth removed.

There are about 24 million root canals done in the U.S. alone every year. They were proven deadly disease agents in 1925 in a study by Dr. Weston Price and 60 prominent researchers. That study has been suppressed ever since by the ADA and the American Association of Endodontists (AAE). Read the book “Root Canal Cover-Up” by George Meinig, DDS, FACD for the full story. Dr. Meinig was an endodontist for 50 years. He helped found the AAE in 1943. His book is a mea culpa (apology) to the thousands of patients whose health he ruined doing root canal fillings. He discovered the Weston Price research only after he retired in 1993. His book was published first in 1994 and he has lectured widely since then trying to alert people to this danger to their health.
The Weston Price conclusions (i. e. that there is no safe way to do a root canal filling) track with my experience with counselling cancer patients for the last 8 years.
What is interesting about this quote is that 100% of the breast cancer patients had root canals, or other infections, on the same acupuncture meridian. Since the microbes do not originate in the root canal, what this implies is that breast cancer cannot form without the assistance of the metals and microbes coming from the root canals.
It is a major research effort of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. to identify other types of cancer which may be caused by root canals. But root canals may also explain why so many cancer patients are able to cure their cancer with alternative cancer treatments, but the cancer comes back again and again. The next section will discuss this problem.
The Relationship Between Root Canals and Cancer Regression
When the symptoms of cancer are gone, the patient is said to be in “remission.” With Stage IV cancer treatments, it is required that the patient be on a potent alternative cancer treatment for at least a year. This means that the patient will almost always be on a potent cancer treatment after they go into remission.
Why Root Canals Can Cause Regression?
First of all, it is important to understand that cancer, some cases of type 1 diabetes, and a host of other diseases, are caused by a microbe. Viruses, yeast, fungus, mold, and bacteria cause a host of diseases. To cure these diseases the microbes must be killed throughout the body so the immune system can restore the body to its normal state.

When a person gets a root canal they create the perfect breading ground for microbes. There is nothing in the immune system that gets inside a root canal. However, viruses, yeast, mold, fungus, bacteria, etc. can easily get inside the root canal and set up a safe and comfortable home.
After they breed inside the root canal they can then spread out into the body of the host any time they want. Microbes, when they live in a colony, are actually quite smart, as research has shown.
If you kill the microbes everywhere in the body, except the root canal teeth, it is inevitable that the microbes will spread out from their safe haven in the root canal teeth and the disease will return.
Dr. Weston A. Price did experiments many decades ago which at first were hailed by the American Dental Association, but which were later suppressed. Dr. Price removed a tooth, which had had a root canal, from a person who was suffering from a disease, and then surgically inserted the tooth in a rabbit. The rabbit then developed this same disease and in many cases, the human patient was quickly cured.
This technique worked with heart disease, cancer, arthritis and many other diseases.
Dr. Price’s research was followed-up by a Dr. George E. Meinig, who also wrote a book on the subject. While it might be thought that this is an issue for after the cancer treatment, rest assured it is not. It is an issue during treatment if the microbes are constantly being released from the root canal tooth or teeth.

Something else that’s interesting to me is that in traditional Chinese medicine, each tooth is connected to a part of your body.

Here is a great website with a chart that connects the teeth with organs & emotions.
What Can You Do?

The ideal solution is the have the root canals AND all dental amalgam removed from the body, followed instantly by heavy chelation therapy (e.g. chlorella, zeolites, etc.). But don’t go to your local dentist to have this done or things might get worse. A holistic dentist & trained naturopath can help you with this. For example, the infection may have spread to the jawbone, adding a great deal of complication to the situation.
In other words, if the root canal is not done by the right kind of dentist, the net result may be that nothing is accomplished or things have been made worse.
There is a specialized type of dentist called a “biological dentist” or a “holistic dentist.” These dentists are sometimes persecuted by the corrupt American Dental Association, so do not expect to find one in the local telephone book. They can be hard to find locally. Internet search engines may be the best way to find a local holistic or biological dentist.

One problem with a simple solution is due to dental amalgam. If you use electromedicine to kill the microbes inside the root canals, you may release mercury from the dental amalgam, which may make matters worse because mercury damages the brain and the immune system.

The good news is that I have heard of many people turning around their situation and so can you!

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