I remember kneeling down on my knees and praying to god in the emergency room bathroom. We were back in the emergency room again after my mother did 2 weeks of aggressive chemo therapy. She had stage 4 stomach cancer that spread to her liver. This happen only 18 months after my father had died. We found who we were told was the “best” oncologist and did exactly what he had said. My mother did it because she wanted us to know that she did everything she could, not to die. She wrote it in her journals over and over again. Also, the doctor sat down in front of a mother of seven children and said if she didn’t do chemotherapy, she would live 3 months at the most. The doctor, Dr. Puccio, told her that she would live if she did chemotherapy for maybe a year and a half. My mother believed every word and this is exactly what happened.

The fear tactics of oncologist sometimes are horrible, its so hard to go against what they say with such big decisions. But we forget the laws & money that effect how the doctors treat us. After watching “the truth about cancer” it makes so much sense. They aren’t even allowed to recommend natural therapies! How did we get to that? How did we get to herbalist seeming like crazy people. Since I became a herbalist & holistic health practioner I have been SO upset about the people that I could have helped if they weren’t so untrusting of HERBS, a clean diet and essential oils? How did this happen? Money and brain washing made it happen.

One thing I learned from the tradgedies of my parents deaths is question our doctors! Do your own research. Ask your body what it thinks? It will tell you. Treatment for sick people shouldn’t hurt.

Treatment that causes death to save death? How is that suppose to help?

Chemotherapy makes you sick, so you need more drugs. I heard on “the truth about cancer” someone say, “ I wasn’t sick because I had cancer, I had cancer because I was sick”. So finding the root cause is the real answer.

Now looking at back on it, it seems like the equavilant of bleeding patients in medieval times. I’m so sad I allowed them to poison my mother, I’m so sad I didn’t know what I know now.

The amount of hippocracy in the western medicine & pharmacautical companies have are unbelievable. It’s so sad how much they have let money rule our bodies and lives.

Someone that has cancer needs nutrition & support, chemo therapy is the opposite. In watching “the truth about cancer” I realize there are so many other options! Cancer is not a death sentence.

Please watch “the truth about cancer” It is filled with so much information! It has already saved so many lives!

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