It’s the end of the year and I am finding myself doing my end of the year ritual of examining how the year went and formulating what my intentions are for the next year. This isn’t the new year resolutions most talk about it. This is about making a plan and crushing it!

This is a great opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back on whatever you accomplished last year, even if that means you just got through it.. congrat yourself, you did it. When I go over with my partner what we accomplished at the end of the year, he is always impressed.

It’s been my experience that you can have whatever you envision you just need to envision it. The question is, What do you want? Be specific, make a plan of action! I have a few ways I do this here are some of them:

Write in your calendar what’s happening next year, fill in all the birthdays and then plan when you want to to do what. For example, I already know I want to plan a Tahoe trip for my husbands birthday weekend etc.
Create a vision board. Draw the things you want, really get into it! You can even design your own calender and illustrate each month with your vision board art.
Write a future journal as if it already happened, everything you wanted happened and you are looking back at it.
If you don’t know what you want, maybe you should take a look at how the year year went and what you would like to do differently.
If you have a big goal make goal due dates for each step, become your own coach.
Set priorities and remind yourseld about them in your calendar. For example I want to keep reminding myself to slow down, so I blocked out days in my calender when I am not doing anything and I’m booked on that day not doing anything.. It’s called ME days!

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