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Herbal Apprenticeship

Taught by Clinical Herbalist, Crystal Rae and Melissa Casanova  and guest star teachers, this unique herbal studies program focuses on producing plant medicines from start to finish: from seed to plant to finished herbal product. We will be working hands-on on the farm growing herbs, harvesting, and processing plants to make high-quality fresh and dry plant medicines. This program focuses on building a authentic hands on relationship with the plant spirit & medicine on a biodynamic farm in Mendocino County. Throughout the course students will have the opportunity to build their own home apothecary of tinctures, teas, oils, creams, salves, and other herbal products created on the farm. They will also have the opportunity to propagate herb plants from which to build their own medicinal herb gardens.

During the program students will take the first steps toward becoming herbal healers for themselves, their family, friends, community, and the Earth. They will learn how common imbalances can be successfully treated with local plant medicines through physical, emotional and spiritual pathways.

The apprenticeship style of learning gives you access to teachers and clinicians who work in the field of herbal medicine and can help you to build a steady knowledge base. You will also learn the skills needed to confidently identify plants in the wild and make medicines for yourself, your family, and your friends. A diverse Materia Medica will be covered. We will spend time in direct communion with a small handful of these plants, getting to know them deeply through plant spirit work. The plants will become our lifelong friends and herb allies to guide us on our healing paths. Students will learn the basics of matching plants to people by formulating plant medicines based on the holistic evaluation of the constitutions of both plants and people. This is a 11 month apprenticeship program.

Topics Covered:

History of Herbalism

Foundations of Herbalism

Permaculture Principles

Biodynamic Practices

Ayurvedic Constitutions

Traditional Chinese Medicine

 (5 element theory)

Folk herbalism traditions

Wise women Medicine wheel

Food as Medicine

Energetics of Food

Vitamins from herbs

Herbal Formulary

Herbal Preperations

Plant Spirit Medicine

Flower Essences

Herbs for pets

Herbs for livestock

Body Systems

Aroma therapy

Seaweed Harvesting

Herb walks & wild crafting

Propogating herbs

Soil Biodiversity

Pest Control

Drying, Processing & storing herbs

Starts April 29th and we will gather every last Saturday of the month for 11 months from 10am - 6pm. To apply email Suchernovafarm@gmail.com or Roseandgracebotanicals@gmail.com

Seats are limited.

Tuition fees for the 2018 program is $1110.

  A four installment payment plan option will be available for $1400. Ask about accomodations available for out of town students.

Payment Plan Option Details:
( 4 installments)
Payment One: due at sign up $450
Payment Two : due June 15th 2018 $237.50
Payment Three: due August 15th 2018 $237.50
Payment Four: due October 15th 2018 $237.50 

To sign up:

Email Melissa:  roseandgracebotanicals@gmail.com


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